today is nothing but wack.

woke up late for work. as in like 11am.. tsk tsk. manage to get a half day mc but the doctor gave me a full day mc. ( lucky me).. but then decided to come into work and finish up my stuff.

few things of interest happened today.

1. Mini “Confrontation” 

Between me and the leader of the pack. had the chance to tell her of my dissatisfaction and stop treating others with disrespect. people deserves to co-exist.

2. Mini Confrontation with the Boss

OMG. i told him.. “…. at the end of the year, you can just sit on the top of the hill like smiling fat buddha” . geez. didnt think that the level of my annoyance has reached its limits. thank god my tummy saved me before i utter something else which might have gotten me fired. mhahaha.

3. Stumbled

Yeah.. Stumbled upon blog which i found out that it actually existed for quite a while now (although i wont really care..yeah right).. but knowing me being sensitive and all, stumbled upon the blog and read thru.. tsk tsk.  curiousity kills the cat they say.. whoa. the effect of people on you sometimes can kill aye? anyways, privacy is still privacy. will let it be.

its the first day of the birth of this final blog, and its the end of the day for me. i have to sleep if not. sahur tak bangun la. 🙂


2 Responses to “wack”

  1. 1 * jiran *
    September 19, 2007 at 1:58 am

    what about Mini Pies and apple Crumble? get it get it? no? ok…

  2. 2 qonfuzedqookie
    September 19, 2007 at 2:05 am

    yes i do get it. let me item 4.

    4. Mini Pies and Apple Crumble

    Was waiting the whole day for invitation to go and eat at *jiran’s* house.. but yet to no avail, tak nampak batang hidung. kelaparan till today. sigh. where is the mini apple pie.. i wonder. 😉

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