phew. am i tired.

just came back from work, erm.. not actually work, but yoga.

yea.. me? yoga? ahahah.. yes people, i took up yoga.

conveniently, the class is held at the office, and dont have to worry about being humiliated, since there is a lot of familiar faces around.. the colleagues. i feel calm, i feel at ease. but the weird thing is,  this is the second class and my body aches more than the first one. lets see how it turns out tommorow.

the whole day has been a bummer, weird thing i kept quiet most of the time until after 3pm, i got bored. hah! i actually started doing crunches at my seat, and i think it actually works. funny thing.. manage to beckon my colleagues to do it as well. haha..

conversation during dinner :

boss : aiyah, i cannot hear that clear.. think should go and see ENT specialist.

me: heh? ENT? whats that?

lucy: dont you know what’s ENT? its connected

me : ear and tongue?

lucy : sigh

boss : hmm..

me: earantopology? ear and tahi? ear and what!?!?!?!?!

lucy + boss : sigh..

then me went back home and google it up asap.. and when i found out the answer.. *tepuk dahi*   EAR NOSE THROAT  .. i feel stupid.

sigh.. lets hope for a better day tommorrow.


1 Response to “stupidity”

  1. 1 *jiran*....jauh sikit..sikit only
    September 22, 2007 at 5:23 am


    dunno ahh??

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