bukit tabur hike

one more activity that i would like to share.

**written on 12/06/2007**

Last Sunday (10/06), went for a hike in some Bukit in Taman Melawati, Bukit Tabur (Scattered Peaks). It was a great hike inclusive of death trapping rock climbing and breathtaking view.

Woke up at 545am, getting quite excited about the hike and went off to Mcdonalds s15 in Subang to meet up with some people who are involved with the hike and made our way to Taman Melawati to meet up with more people. We started our hike at about 750am and after climbing for 5 minutes, I dont know about the others, but I was definitely out of breath ( was showing my macho skills earlier actually .. =)) So after 15 minutes I think, we reached the first check point and already I could see a breathtaking view of the Klang Gates and the Klang Valley. We sat there for a while and continued the journey, as I was definitely determined to finish the hike.

The more I climbed, the less tired I became and to come to think about it, I was too crazy to carry 3 bottles of mineral water, a packet of chips ahoy, some skittles, MNM’s, potato chips, some doughnuts from Big Apple and also my DSLR. Freaking heavy! But I managed, and continued the hike anyways. =) . Well, the famous shoutout was ” Are we there yet?” and our guide for the day kept on saying, “We’re on the highest peak, look out!”, but the funny bit was that when we went over one peak, we saw another higher peak, which definitely for me, dampered my spirits as I was definitely craving for a stick.

We went on anyways, and reached at the coolest part of the hike, random rock climbing. The rock climbing was pretty cool, tested my skills and strengths on pushing my way up, but to come to think about it, its pretty dangerous. Miss a step and down you go (and i think now i know why they called it Bukit Tabur, your soul and body can just be scattered everywhere).

After a few climbs and hike up some peaks, we were on our way down to the base, which took us around 1 hour. On our way down, my toes were about to come off because of the friction between the end of my shoe, the ground and my toes which made it blue black in the end. On our way down, we passed an orchards, where I was cheating death by standing below some Durian trees and Chempedak trees (thank god im not dead) and took us about 30 – 40 minutes. As soon as we saw the main road, we were shrieking with joy and was greeted by the first group who got down first, passing us the best drink ever to end the hike, a can of ice cool 100 plus. =)

pic : halfway up bukit tabur, taman melawati

The whole trip took roughly about 4 hours and I definitely had fun and am going again. Bukit Tabur is definitely where my soul was left and scattered about.


pic : Tabur hills. we actually climbed that. I had a heart attack after that. 😉


1 Response to “bukit tabur hike”

  1. 1 milocup
    March 20, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    I’m hiking up Bukit Tabur tomorrow! The rock climbing bit sounds scary.. Geez I hope I get back in one piece!

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