Qookie + Meo Meo Backpacking trip to JB and Singapore

hmm.. found this in my other blog.. and do want to share it here.

Well, finally i can write about my (what i think is the most coolest) trip.. considered a backpacking haha trip.

Day 1 : Thursday, 24/05
After a half day at work, went off at 1 from work and went home to get my stuff and on my way to JB! I was feeling excited about it since it was actually my first time to randomly travel on my own. The first night that i reached, my host brought me around jb town at night to see some place and we end up eating at this place (im sorry i cant remember, but its in front of danga bay), serving one of the yummiest nasi lemak and nasi goreng kampung. totally yummy stuff.. after dinner, went back to the hotel to freshen up and went down to some clubs at the hotel area ( which i find it so cool that i dont have to drive!). So yeah, we practically did some club-hopping and the night end up me being tipsy tak mandi and all. **yucks**. oh btw, met some great people along the way, some in the same line of work as i am.. and more other interesting people **wink**

Day 2 : Friday, 25/05
Woke up at 645 (which i cant believe i actually did) and decided to start the day off early to just hike around JB. Heard from alotta people that JB is the center of crime (which kinda threw me off) but i crossed my fingers anyways and decided to still walk around. Started the day by walking out the hotel, passed the customs (tried not to look so indo-ish) and passed this area called Stulang Laut (where you can see Woodlands ie Singapore) i got all excited since ive never been to Singapore before (loser aye?). After gawking at how near Singapore was, i made my way to a bus stop and catched a bus to the town center, where the bus stopped me at the JB City Square. At that stop, the place looked a bit dodgy but i didnt care, so i started walking around. Provided with map, walked around town (trying to feel safe as i was carrying my dslr and digital) and got lost.. (useless map). But it was a good thing that i got lost. Stumbled upon some nice looking buildings and my top favourite spots in JB :

1. Sultan Ibrahim’s building
2. The royal museum
3. The palace gardens
                 Sultan Ibrahim's Building

 pic: Sultan Ibrahim, administration building

After a tiring half day walk, was picked up by my host and went over to have some kick-ass briyani… After chilling and catching my breath, went over to the JB Maersk office to meet up with my fellow mates. Had a fun time cracking jokes with all of em and left after a while. Next stop was the Pelangi mall where i stopped to have some drinks at Coffeebean and went back to the Hotel afterwards to freshen up and catch some sleep. Again, around 10 plus, went over to clubs and chilled out, but didnt get too drunk like the night before. Oh ya, i was damn jakun looking at the beer towers.. i was like ” WaaAAaA.. so Bagus wannN” .. ( but then when i came back to KL, saw that some places were actually selling it, dang).

Day 3 : Saturday, 26/05
Woke up with a spinning headache from the two nights, and seriously was trying to knock my head with a sledgehammer, make my way out of JB to the lovely Singapore (YEAY FINALLY!!). First thing first. I was actually suppose to make my way back to KL on that Saturday evening.. due to some really2 random decision, I decided to make my ass go down to Singapore. Journey started by taking the SJE bus from the Larkin bus station to Woodlands, went through the customs and off to Bugis. Once i went in Singapore, i was so ‘mesmerized’ by the scenery.. Singapore is freaking clean! Once i reached the Bugis station, was wandering around, figuring out how the hell should i get to the MRT station and then! i overheard some tourist going the same place, so i tagged along. Marylin and Justin was nice people to show me how to get to the MRT station and thought me how to use it (damn paiseh since im just from the neighbouring country and theyre from perth) and finally.. got to Orchard station.

                  Give me a Sign!

pic : Orchard road, Singapore

At the station, was picked up by my bud from college (who’s now a stewardess) and she practically brought me around (actually it was around like 3 shopping malls?) and we finished the afternoon by chilling at this rad cafe (the balcony) until 8 and met up with some more people.. After finishing our drinks at the balcony, we went over to the far east mall where i got some cool tee’s (entitled : trust me im a girl/ i may not be perfect but some parts of me are pretty awesome) =) .. then we went over to clarke quay to get some drinks and club.. really.. i had a fun time.. the clubs there compared to the malaysian clubs.. way way better and one fine day i really wanna go back there and partay hard! =).. after some crazy partying, ended at 4 plus.. we walked over to some bak kut teh shop and had supper/breakfast.. on the way, i actually kinda fell into a ditch and scrape/twist my ankle which hurts until now.. but well, something for me to bring back to KL ya.. =) Please note that at all times, i was actually carrying my backpack and did not change my clothes from afternoon in JB till the next day in SIN.. yucks!

Day 4 : Sunday (27/05)
At around 10am, made my way to the Toa Payoh MRT station where i had my first MOS burger.. yummy MOS burger.. yumm yumm for breakfast and chatted with Ms Eve.. at 11, got myself onto the MRT and head to Kranji station and from there i took a bus to the Woodlands custom and catched another bus to Larkin Bus station to connect to another bus to KL..

Fun Fun Fun and knowing the person i am.. It is the most random thing ive ever did in my life and I hope there will be more random decisions leading to random fun. Thanks to the people who showed me a good time while i was in JB and Singapore. =))


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