the last supper

time : 3.40am

just came back from supper just now.. me and and a few buds went for the supper package at PJ Hilton where per person was priced at RM32++. The food was okay, but heard reviews for Paya Serai that the Buka Puasa feast is good so the Supper was a letdown. There was a selection of OK food but was actually expecting something better. The sense of tak puas hati (or mebbe I was just being a pig) came over me on the way home, where I was actually craving for food. Dont you just hate it when you’re hungry but you need that particular food to make your stomach feel satisfied? Yeah, thats what Im definitely having.. a craving.

Put food aside, Good luck Hafiz on your way to London Nepolitan..hahaha. Hope that you have fun there and we all will definitely miss your quirky jokes. See you in 1 year… or is it 2? hmm..


**the geng**


1 Response to “the last supper”

  1. January 29, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    Interesting. I actually know 4 of the people there.
    M***sk people really get around..

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