the ramadan bazaar


 decided to walk around and snap photos for the day.. and had a random idea of heading towards kelana jaya ramadan bazaar to snap the crowd.. lets start with..


**the yummy rendang**

Rendang is a dish which originated from the Minangkabau, Indonesia where it is one of the characteristic foods of Minangkabau culture and served at ceremonial occasions and to honor guests. It definitely honored me. hehe.


**the satar**

not one of my favourite dish, more to me moms, Satar is another fish snack in Terengganu Malay cuisine which is a mixture of pounded fish, shallots and ginger wrapped in banana leaf and barbequed over low fire.


**the murtabak**

one of me favourites, the murtabak consist of beef/chicken, wrapped in “roti-like plus egg” pastry.. is yummy to eat when its hot.. my personal favourite is the gravy which comes with the murtabak which is either curry or pickled onions.. yumm..


**the onde onde**

my most favourite kueh of all, the onde onde. made out of glutinous rice and has a rich brown sugar center which sometimes melt in your mouth.. soOo yummy to have. am definitely gonna get them in Jonker Walk when I go back to Malacca for Raya.


**ayam golek**

 i’ve actually have not tried this ever before, but every puasa month there will always be a beeline for this and I will always be standing there to see the ayam golek goleking.. 🙂


**the putu piring**

the steamed saucer-like kueh, made out of tapioca flour and mixed with gula melaka in the inside… a must have during the fasting month. the best gerai would be the one in Seksyen 14, Pjaya.


 **the colorful drinks**

one thing i like about walking in bazaars, is to see the colorful arrays of drinks.. the vendors are quite creative when it comes to selling and i was sold to the soya cincau because of the color.. turns out yummy too!

 so guys.. head down to kelana jaya ramadan bazar and shop till your pants wont drop. 🙂



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