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its all about the moolah


its all about the moolah baby…

was having  a discussion with a few people today.. on a similar topic  with most of the crowds today.. M O N E Y..


for some of us.. i think most of us, at this young age.. of course we would like to achieve something.. some will be acquiring a property, some would be buying a new car.. the key word here is to own an asset with your name on it. how can we do that?

for me, i cant afford any right now. expenses would be as follows :

car loan : RM400

Mom : RM150 (I know Im a cheapskate, but it will increase accordingly to my pay)

Gym : RM135

Credit Card Visa : RM200 per month

Credit Card Master : RM200 per month

Phone Bill : Max would be RM80

Ciggies ( 2 cartons per month) : RM100

SO NOW, that would be around RM1115 (that is minusing the petrol). geez, thats a lot.. and whats left of my pay is mati mati ikan to support me for the whole month. Wish that promotions, increment will come up really soon so that at least I can breathe… but well, that’ll be around 5 more months to come.. Shittt.. nak makan ape sial.. batu?

 well, raya is coming.. and i need the cash.. bye bye 26″ lcd screen.. sold it off about RM900 to my uncle.. fucking cheap. but at least its still a profit.. i need to pay off my credit card and get a new phone new this new that… being human.. you always want something new to use… we’ll see about that..

lets hope for some lucky draw / lottery to strike.. shall we?