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yeah, its the time of the year where it’ll be raining for most of the time..

 result = me having flu, noseblock and slight fever.

am writing from me second home (second office) in jb.. gonna be stuck with 4 customer visits tmr which is definitely gonna tire me out and surely getting more sicker than ever. sigh.

btw, today had a good flight. sumpah best gile for the first time my flight had hot looking stewards and stewardess. i was quite terkejut but well, my eyes won the prize. heh heh. and during the flight.. i realized that it was such a good day to be out.. picnic or something.


look at that.. gorgeous.


 anyways, i dont think i can write no more.. my nose is srot sretting and its annoying.. wanna get back to my hotel room and zZZzz..