Archive for October 14th, 2007


couch pototo.. (intentionally spelled that way)

time : 1245am 

2nd day of raya

yawn.. its been a nice day to just vege and to do some couch potato shit. yeah. thats what i’ve been doing the whole day..

until i realized there were gonna be some guest who was suppose to come over for dinner.

shit i thought. “the lakehouse” movie was on and i couldnt budge from my sofa… and thank god the movie finished 25 minutes before the time. but still,  everything turned out well because i still had time to prepare for the food and lay out the table… yeay!

so yeah, me and some friends.. together with my sister and some of her friends makan makan my mom’s cooking from first day of raya.. the lontong, lombok, dendeng and serunding.. yam yammmmm.. after that had some gambling session which im not sure if we’re suppose to pay up or not.. heh heh…


off to my beer which is waiting for me at the table.. =)

Selamat Hari Raya …. (singing to the tune of how Saloma would sing it.. )