quarter century

October 17th 2007, 0055 hours

yes, ive turned 25.

the sweetest thing people did for me today :

1. having our ritual surprise birthday singing by the lovelies.


2. getting text messages from 2 faraway lovelies in London and one from Singapore and one from Johor.

3. My mom staying up to (which she rarely does) to wish me Happy Birthday.. i love you mom.

4. Getting a hug for my birthday at work. 😉

the sweetest message today :

“Happy Birthday… haha.. finally full moon edy ya.. may your journey of career goes smoothly and carve your name on it but dont smear it. Whatever you do I’ll always support you but must be within specific logic. But not when youre crazy!”

the unexpected thing today :

Meeting my favourite adek and also a few people texting me their wishes on my birthday which I would never thought of texting me. Sweet!

what i’ve wished for:

1. good health and a growing career path

2. good health for my family and lovelies

3. you. 

and the day has yet to start! I wonder what surprises (I hope there are.. wishful thinking) but doesnt matter.. Im just hoping for it to be a wonderful day.

Anyways, at the stroke of midnight, creeping into a new year (while wishing before i blew the candle) ..made me think. What do I have, what do I want.

What do I have :

1. Having the greatest mom and sis anyone could ever asked for. 

2. Being blessed by having the best lovelies supporting me and have always been there for me.

3. Having a fun job.

4. Having a healthy and well life.

What do I want : (this is not a wish list, but if you want to fulfill em.. why not?)

1. A new wardrobe

2. More money  –> update.. thanks sis! yeay!

3. Camera flash or anything to do with camera accesories.. or a Lomo

4. Someone who can take care of me.. AHAH? .. interesting.

For point no. 4 –> Yes, right now I long for someone who can make me laugh, make me happy and take care of me. I wonder who can fill up dem shoes.

Well, a friend told me.. “to make people to like you, first you have to love yourself and people will follow suit to love you.” I wonder if it’s true. Seriously, I have a personality issue of what people would perceive of me. Biggest factor contributor was from school, where everyone but me was “accepted” into the cool gang and I wasnt, and everyone is getting a partner and I wasnt.

But to hell with that. Im a grown up. If I want that person really bad, I’ll get it. And yes, I’m trying. (Damn do I sound like a psycho?.. I think I do). And I hope you like me back. 😉

Everyday whenever I’m alone (when Im in the car driving to work, smoking by meself or whatever), I just have this feeling of something which is not fulfilled. Well, *jiran’s* boyfriend pointed it out. “sometimes when I look at you, you have the lost look on your face”. I realized, definitely that was the feeling I had. L O S T. I need someone right now to make me feel wanted and to make me feel accepted for who I am (since I dont have all the physical attractions – correction : none)

So yeah, thanks for the wishes to those who texted/called and hope they will come true.

Cheer’s to the new year!


3 Responses to “quarter century”

  1. 1 * jiran *
    October 17, 2007 at 3:40 am

    selamat hari jadi wahai kawanku. semoga diberkati dan dicurahi rezeki selalu.

  2. 2 qonfuzedqookie
    October 17, 2007 at 5:56 am

    *jiran* thanks for the wish.. am definitely greatful you guys are here. blessed!

  3. 3 passer-by
    October 18, 2007 at 1:59 am

    you are not lost. you just have not found the path that you wanna get on just yet

    longing for someone who fulfils the description of an almost-perfect person for you, will only exist in your state of mind. sometimes even when the actual
    person comes along, he does not necessarily will make your life better and happier

    there’s always God when u need some consolation…

    you dont need someone else to make u happy.
    happiness lies within you, and then some…

    many happy returns of the day 🙂

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