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anxiety attack.

time : 1159pm. 

thats it. im officially depressed.

was driving on my way home from buying nasi lemak bungkus at jalan 222, and halfway i was struck by a panic attack.. i was feeling so sebak suddenly.. and i dont know whats wrong. the feeling of susah hati went over me.. and until now I cannot stop!

God, please help me.

I need someone now… badly.


the birthday

go shorty.. its your birthday.. we’re gonna party tonight.. is your birthday!

 **originally written on the 17th but got a little tipsy and dozed off for a whole day and woke up at 6pm. tsk tsk.. not so productive day**

my day has passed.. and off to a new year.. it was a pleasant celebration for me this year.. nobody pissed me off and unexpected people gave me their wishes.. thank you all.

had dinner at the banquet yesterday…


referred by *jiran*.. and i totally heart this place. the setting, the food and the hospitality of the manager. the setting was cool.. and makes you feel as though you’re in a garden altho the place is in the middle of a mall.


the menu..


well.. my mom had the wild rocket salad.. sister had some pasta.. and @ had lamb shank.. but the best dish was obviously my dish.. oven baked butter fish served with honey me.. i wish im still having it till today…


           delish delish delicious!

after the dinner.. the ritual birthday cake comes in.. and my sister’s attempt to be all sweet and got me a heart shaped cake from bakerzin`. Eiww. heart shape? thank god the cake tasted good. =D


after dinner me and *jiran* and matkib went over to breeze to have some drinks.. and the ‘must try’ drink would be the vodka apple with soda.. yummilicious.


one thing I love about Breeze and TTDI plaza is the environment… place looks posh.. but comfortable to chill could actually hang out at the bars by dressing casually like slippers and shorts.


          *jiran* and matkib

at 1159pm on the 17/10/07… we raised our glasses and ended the day. bye bye 24 and hello to 25.. hope the year brings me all the luck that I can get.

again.. thanks to all who wished me and love to my mom, sister and lovelies. thanks for being there to celebrate my birthday.