k a r m a .. f*c%ing aftermath

emo emo emo emo. today is the day full of emo-ism.

draw the line. yes im trying too. give me time. i get the point and you kinda made me into a believer that there is such thing as karma. usually i dont believe in stuff like that.. but i do believe that if you do something which is super wrong, the payback is there.. macam bunuh orang ke.. or that type lah.

sometimes, you just cant keep on saying that ‘karma will hit you, it will’.. because my beliefs is that if you keep on saying it all the time.. yes it will hit you. my opinion on my side is that.. if i believe strongly on karma.. i think by now i should be dead already because of all the sins i have done should have killed me instantaneously. s e r i o u s.

sigh. event which happened today.

1. face – off with the past

2. face – off with the current

3. face – off with the future

what more can i ask?

thank god for monday tomorrow. i need to go to the gym to kill myself while running.



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