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back at work

no traffic…

rainy day….

leftover raya food… 

well.. the 3 main days of Raya has ended.. and now switching off the holiday mood and its back to work.

Took a half day.. and as i was driving on the way to work.. there were no jam.. a few cars.. and it started to drizzle.. how i wish i was home.. in my bed still and waking up in  the pm.. well, t’was good while it lasted.

**back to work back to work back to work.. and hungerrrr….**


raya eve

oh yeah, the day before raya…

my mom had this fantabulous idea of just going for a walk in Jln TAR and Masjid India because it seems that every-time before Raya Eve.. things which is being sold was at least at half price which is cheap dirt cheap.

so we went.. and walkabout… there’s actually a lot of things to see.. the people, the stuff the food.. we were just going in and out every stall to just buy stuff. The thing is, whatever we bought was junk. Nothing whatsoever associated with Raya.. I’ve got a pair of sunny’s.. so did my mom, sis and friend..

could see that everyone was trying to get rid of their stuff.. screaming over their lungs and loudspeakers an human stands.. it was definitely colorful for me.. and definitely i had fun.

dsc_0300.JPG   *cheap baju melayu*

dsc_0301.JPG  *women selling over loudspeaker*

dsc_0334.JPG  *henna service*


*Selling for RM1,  dont tell anyone**     




 ** kain pelikat**     


**traffic on Jalan TAR**


**discusssion over which one to get.. in the end she bought 3..**

would absolutely go again next year to jalan-jalan2!


post raya mortem.


just got back from *jiran*’s place.. and had a feast. thanks *jiran*… sesungguhnya.. you and your family cook kick ass food.. your nasi tomato, terung falafel *ahahah*, orange cake and peach cheese cake has satisfied my stomach and finally I feel kenyang after 2 days of Raya. Apart from that, I got to burn some fat with them cute nephews of yours. =)Seriously, I wasnt hungry during Raya day itself. tahla, no mood to eat.


**peach cheese cake**

thanks *jiran* for always being there for me.. to feed me and to check on me. **love**

oh me gawd. back to work tomorrow… UWAAA… i want more holiday time.

tak larat lah nak blog hari ni.. penat. mebbe later.. +)


couch pototo.. (intentionally spelled that way)

time : 1245am 

2nd day of raya

yawn.. its been a nice day to just vege and to do some couch potato shit. yeah. thats what i’ve been doing the whole day..

until i realized there were gonna be some guest who was suppose to come over for dinner.

shit i thought. “the lakehouse” movie was on and i couldnt budge from my sofa… and thank god the movie finished 25 minutes before the time. but still,  everything turned out well because i still had time to prepare for the food and lay out the table… yeay!

so yeah, me and some friends.. together with my sister and some of her friends makan makan my mom’s cooking from first day of raya.. the lontong, lombok, dendeng and serunding.. yam yammmmm.. after that had some gambling session which im not sure if we’re suppose to pay up or not.. heh heh…


off to my beer which is waiting for me at the table.. =)

Selamat Hari Raya …. (singing to the tune of how Saloma would sing it.. )



time : 328am


I cant sleep. Mebbe it’s the fact that Im alone at home tonight and mommy’s not around.

Damn I miss her.


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Time : 1.25 am

Finally, Im back from Kampung.. civilization at last. Whilst driving back from Malacca, I couldnt wait to get home.. take out the photos and blog..

Yes, as the greetings above.. I wish you all Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin.

 Seems that there is so many ways of saying it out.. Aidilfitri, Idulfitri or Eid…. but one things comes to mind is the environment where everybody comes together with tears (or no tears) of joy, forgiving each other and wishing them the nothing but goodness.

 Well, I had my share today of celebrating the festivities. Started the day by having a big breakfast with my family at home, which the main dish is L O N T O N G. The “fusion” of Lontong consist of the Lontong itself (glutinous rice) or can be substituted with Nasi Impit (Himpit or whatever – main idea is the rice which is slightly wet crushed together to become solid.. (i think so) and cut into cubes) combined with L O M B O K ( a Jawa delicacy comprises of some vege, tempe and prawns cooked with coconut milk – Malays would call it Sambal Goreng) combined with my moms delicious D E N D E N G beef (sweet and cooked with some spices) combined with S A M B A L  K A C A N G   and       S E R U N D I N G ( Beef Floss added with some more Beef).. Yummy Stuff I tell ya.. especially when lovely mom cooks it..

After breakfast, the ritual family photo taking comes in.. and every single year we have the bloody same background which at one point.. makes me barf.. Thanks to the new backyard, we have an improved landscape which we could actually experiment on and good thing that it turned out nicely. Off to Malacca… Darling sister of mine had a splendid idea of getting sbux for drinks to down with on the way.. Ice Caramel Machiato. Yam.


One thing I like to share.. I wish Malaysian’s would STOP looking whenever there is an accident! I mean if the accident has been settled, car pulled to the side and no harm done in the middle of the road.. PLEASE focus on the road and just drive will ya! Its ridiculous how I spent 2 hours to get to Seremban when I can only get there in 20 minutes from Sg Besi.. I could not believe I actually drove for 40km/hr which is super slow due to all the busy people looking at the accident which does not involve them. tsk tsk.

Okay… reached my mom’s Kampung around 2-ish and started walking around to eat.. and by 4 I was stuffed. Pretty much everyone served the same dishes.. but still.. sapu je. Around 5, me and sis got a lil tired and panas.. so decided to breakaway from the crowd and to run off to our ritual.. JONKER WALK.. Yeah, we have this thing where every single  time that we go to Malacca, we will stop by a few places to eat and chill.

Stop No. 1 : The Fresh Fruit Juice Stall beside the Tan Kim Hock Building

Stop No. 2 : Jonker Walk 

In Jonker Walk, what do we do is first :

1. Chill beside the Sg Melaka and check out the quaint cafe’s

2. Walk over to the Pineapple Tarts shop ( LW Nyonya Pineapple House) where they serve hot  freshly made out of the oven tarts. so yummy.


3. Walk over to the Jonker Dessert to have their ever so yummylicious ABC or Cendol with their thick Gula Melaka Sauce.


4. Chill out at the Geographer’s Cafe.. a cool Latin-American-Salsa concept bar/cafe to have a couple of beers.

5. To walk through the night market and also some shops for antiques / souveniers or clothes..

Tiring day eh?

 After our ritual.. its time to snap out of our “vacation” mode and head back to me aunt’s place before we leave for home.. and yeah.. more duit raya had to be given out.. =)

I had a fun day.. tiring but fun.. and cant wait to finish up the food that my mom cooked.

Again, would like to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya!

**will post photos in FB soon enough, im bust for tonight. 😀



yeah, its the time of the year where it’ll be raining for most of the time..

 result = me having flu, noseblock and slight fever.

am writing from me second home (second office) in jb.. gonna be stuck with 4 customer visits tmr which is definitely gonna tire me out and surely getting more sicker than ever. sigh.

btw, today had a good flight. sumpah best gile for the first time my flight had hot looking stewards and stewardess. i was quite terkejut but well, my eyes won the prize. heh heh. and during the flight.. i realized that it was such a good day to be out.. picnic or something.


look at that.. gorgeous.


 anyways, i dont think i can write no more.. my nose is srot sretting and its annoying.. wanna get back to my hotel room and zZZzz..