the johor roadtrip

back to traveloging – just got back from Segamat.. one of my colleague turned friend who was throwing a small wedding reception and hired me as her photographer for the night (which im definitely thankful for).. and since the event was all the way in Johor, doesnt hurt for a short roadtrip right? =)

well, trip started with having brekkie’s at mcd’s before we drove off to Johor in a convoy of three cars.. was quite a fun drive because couldnt stop laughing, calling each other.. (next road trip, get a walkie talkie) and joking about people.

 left at 845am and we reached Johor at around 1015am.. one of the “things to do” is to drop by at the ever-relaxing Gunung Ledang. I know for some the idea of going to a waterfall is so.. eiww… but to come to think about it.. its something fun that anyone/everyone should do to just have a feel on it.

getting there : One of the common road to Gunung Ledang is by PLUS highway to the south and exit through Tangkak Toll. From Tangkak, just continue your journey to Sagil and finally, you will reach Gunung Ledang.

so yeah.. we reached the foot of Gunung Ledang at about 1100am and started our way in and up the hills about 30 minutes to reach to a comfortable spot.


after 1 1/2 hours of bermandi-manda.. we headed down to the foothill of Gunung Ledang and drove through heavy rain to Segamat.

So yeah.. should try it out. Gunung Ledang is definitely a clean place to chill out and to also get a natural massage on your back. =)


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