this is an emo entry

kwang kwang kwang. sekian lama ku tidak merasa sebegini. perasaan emo menyelubungi diriku.

yea.. as I am trying to still recover from yesterday’s episode, I woke up this morning late and felt gloomy all of a sudden. The day wasnt that sunny, my body was tired and had a headblock. The first thing came to mind was “Crap, dont think it’s gonna be  good day”.

After a few weeks of coming into the office smiling to the ceiling and cheering people’s day up, some of me colleagues were quite surprised that I was kinda in a foul mood. well, made me think to meself (coming from a person who sayz that theres 6 mil people in this world as claim by a certain individual) that the world does not work according to what/how you would want it (wow, finally im smart enough to think of it that way.. =P) and sometimes things can be out of your control and life would take its course.

Aduih, i hate it when i feel this way.. and its been a while since I do have this. ARGH. Benci. Maybe its the fact that .. nevermind.

So yea.. started the day gloomy, afternoon being cheesed off.. climbed to emo state towards the evening (since there was no internet connection and i had nothing to do but just moped) , did not get the ‘promised letter for future enhancement’.. and the emo film didnt help as well. Oh yeah.. went to watch a Danish movie “After the wedding” with a bunch of colleagues. Very interesting and worth a view.

enoughlah, i think the more i blog today im just gonna rant and rant, which something i did in my another blog and the wish is not to repeat the same.

xcross fingersx hope for a better day tomorrow. BANANA LEAF and the MD meet.

sekian. good night.


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