the match of the titans!


well folks, didnt have such a good day today.. woke up wit a spinning headache and the pain has yet to go away.. as the time passes towards the evening, my mood was a lil off due to “the wait” on my future.. and yet.. has not come.

Finally at 1715 hrs, while I was talking to my sweetie.. Sis and Mom actually called in at the same time.. which I was kinda surprised. So yea.. called back my sister and she said :

“Hey, Ive got 2 extra tickets to watch the match.. sampras vs federer, you wanna go?”


The obvious answer would be a YES! of course.. 😉  and another request that I received :

“I want to see you tonight, yes I do”

Double Whammy!! So yeah, i finally snapped out of my gloomy mood, packed my stuff and left by 1815 hrs and headed home.

overall, the match (although its only an exhibition match) was spectacular, amazing and fantastic. Its not that I dont fancy tennis, but before Ive grown a passion for golf.. I loved tennis. So yea.. was cool to see Federer and Sampras up close, and it was also fun to see mom and sis and @ having a fun family time out. Petey’s serves was damn fast. one was recorded at 220+ km/h which is amazing and the skills of both players.. out of this world.dsc_0077.jpg

*mr roger federer*


*mr pete sampras*


*in between sets*

Not to forget, the added bonus I received was to meet up d sweetie after the game which made my day. To d *sweetie* : Im falling for you even harder now. And as much as you’re asking me to not say thanks.. thank you so much for coming into my life right now and making me look at things at a much better perspective. 🙂

well folks. enough already. sekian.


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