live and loud : jazz night

tudududushoobabdeeboop *background trumpet*

yes ladies and gents.. i went for the event. t`was a jazz night out for me and thanks to cik ku`.. i’ve got something to occupy myself after the whole week not treating me kind.


earlier.. as in a month back, jiran has already suggested for me to go.. but last minute due to the financial closing for the month didnt permit me to do so.. so i bailed. however, after the drama of me passing out in the office basement (due to de-hydration, asthma and whateverlah).. and after resting well in the pantry.. cik ku text me and offered me “you want to watch jazz tonight?”. i felt a lil guilty tho because i didnt have the moolah to go.. but she was kind enough to spare me tix for the night. (i thank you so much cik ku` for cheering me up. =) )

the event started timely at 7.. with the first act being noryn aziz.. heard the name before but not so familiar.. and heard that her reputation wasnt that good either.. but turned out that she’s quite good! was quite surprised that she could pull a mas que nada and got the crowd going..

next up was.. Maliq & D`Essentials (MDE).. before I go any further.. to tell you the truth, I had no idea who was performing.. and who is Tompi and also MDE. gile kelakar. But well.. seriously, it was a good thing that I went.. because MDE was super awesome.. they actually did a cover of sexyback (JT) and Billie Jean (Maikel Jeksen) which was pretty cool and im beginning to llllooooove them a lot!

Last act.. Tompi.. Their sounds are good.. but I think MDE jazzed the house. Cik Ku` was telling me it was kinda a lil letdown because MDE took the limelight and a lil longer performing… and Tompi’s album is better off from what was performed. So yea, am downloading some of their songs right now and will let you guys know.. or lagi baik.. sila download sendiri.. hehehe..

anyways.. thanks again cik ku`.. you made my friday worth it and definitely cheered me up a bit. =)


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