live n loud : popping night!

“turn on the pop!”

voila. got meself tix for the pop night (thanks to matkib)… and again t`was a good thing i went since was not having a soul mind throughout the day..

phonecall from jiran : “come go see whitney”

i thought twice on it. not a super whitney fan.. but.. heck.. pi je lah.

so yea… got to kiara equestrian park at 8 plus and met up with matkib to get the tix.. and t’was a good thing that i bumped into *metroboy*’s mom.. who gave me another ticket under the vip access!  (thanx mommy dedet)woohoo.. from elite pass to invitation pass. oklah tu.


anyways… checked the tix, and as informed by cnd.. missed elliot yamin.. darn.. was actually looking forward and was hoping to see him.. but s’okay.. have to say kudo’s to the malaysian acts for pulling a good show especially mode.. youre SUPER!

next up was Shaggy.. didnt expect that t`was suppose to be him since heard that whitney was suppose to be next. Well, thought of just layan je la since Shaggy is suppose to be ol` news.. =P . But suprisingly.. he was really good.. really entertaining! and at some point of the show.. he beckoned the crowd to pull a middle finger to the other crowds.. crazy i tell ya! anyways.. throughout the show.. me and jiran was dancing through the reggae-ton, which we never thought that we would layan. hehehe.

last act.. kak whitney.. was actually starting to be pissed off because it took them one bloody hour to set up the stage.. but yelah.. diva kan.. at 1245.. kak whitney graced the stage.. and performed all her evergreen songs such as “Will always love you” and “Children of the Future”.. but for me the best part was…”Heartbreak Hotel” since that is one of my all time fav emo songs. =P

the show ended at 2.. and by then.. “I cant feel my dem legs!” penat gile la standing all the way from 830 till late.. worth the standing, worth the jam, worth the risk of parking the car at the side of the highway and definitely worth my night!

again..thanks jiran for calling,  thanks matkib and mommy dedet.. and also thanks to reymee for bringing livenloud to malaysia.. =)


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