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while having a bbq out in the gardens of my backyard.. i just realized. twas such a good night to be outside. after having rain for days.. and the quality of air in kuala lumpur/petaling jaya… i was looking out to the skies and realized that how gorgeous the stars were. in totally different constellations spreading out in the black dark night.. i also realized that i took a lot of things for granted… which is life.

the sounds of the birds when i wake up, a slow drive to work, singing on the way to work. whatever la… the small things in life that actually makes up your day.

ive got to stop thinking too much. i over analyze things to much. its bringing me down. lucy gave me notes on how to be happy..and one of the points is to think of the little2 stuff which makes up your day. thanks lucy for the note.. and i think now i am a believer. =)

one more thing before i ends today’s blog. its all about hope now for me, there’s no reason for  me not to stop hoping because if you dont hope, you’re gonna regret of what you did not do in the end if you left the hope by giving up.

thats me motivation right now. h o p e. =)