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quote from qookie:

 “he/she who judge just on the surface and takes the value on the face itself, is not worthy to judge, as he/she is afraid of judging oneself and by doing others, it is more comforting to know that others are not as par as they are.”

yea. thats what i come out with today, and i think i’ve had it with people who think that one is not good enough for them, as they are scared themselves. total bs. total bs.

“one who takes judgement without reason and without analyzing the whole picture thoroughly, are definitely the ones who has insecurities themselves. Indeed the one’s who drops everything when something goes wrong, is definitely running away from the risk and what you call life”

fuck off losers. im back. and this time. ruthless.

just a note that confidence is not about not showing your weaknesses, its all about learning how to handle and overcome your weaknesses so that you’ll be stronger and obviously more empowered/confident person. if not, marry a robot. it’ll do you justice.

but haha. right now. am sakit as ever since im down with viral infection and heavy high fever. so in need of sleep. yawn. night fellas.