well, what i’ve written on the previous post.. its funny that somehow breakups can easily break how you would feel for the day, for the weeks or months. i guess i forgot how it is being heartbroken.

 although i was in a 8 years relationship, the heartbreak which i had was not as hard as what i had a few weeks back which was so much shorter than what i went through before. maybe it was because, i truly sincerely liked her. too bad eh, sometimes you just cant get what you want.

i fell for a girl who was so kind to me, and after the in-betweens.. i thought i was ready for her. well, things didnt turn out.. and i wish it didnt end so fast because day by day when we dated, i fell for her hard. you know that feeling when you’re falling for someone.. all the acts like the person made you sing, makes you smile and makes you laugh.. for me means that i’ve found my match. but life is as good as it gets that things can just change in a blink of an eye.

to get over it is quite hard tho. snapshots of moments for the time spent together, the laugh which was shared, the smile which was given, the kisses and hugs which was embraced.. all seemed so clear like it just happened yesterday. i am definitely not trying to hold on, but there is definitely something which made me craving for more. well, a want is always inviting eh?

 qookie. accept the fact. *yes. im trying to, but let time be the healer and it will all shall pass*

 hope that im out of this mode once im back from bandung.

i miss you dearly. wish you were here with me.



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