ho ho ho!!


its unlikely me to write a blog when im tipsy with  one eye open.. but before i forget.. need to  just write some stuff down, doesnt matter if im sane or not.

 just got back from a xmas dinner… and played to question game. the question which most got a lil to me was : “what is the thing you missed most, thing, place, situation and person” my truest answer is:

 thing : my mercedes 190

place : my car, after d sweetie’s bday

situation : where me and the sweetie was in my car, and we didnt do anything but it felt good.

person : of course the sweetie.

another smart thing which was said by my fellow drinker was “you cant help but looking back”.. we were just talking about the best things in 2007 and a lot of the questiions came up.. as much as someone that i know says “i dont look back” but after what has been said tonight.. yea.. i half-agree with the logic where we cant help but to look back… bcause by looking back, that would give us a chance to reflect on things which makes us stronger in order for us to not make fucked up mistakes..and that makes us think wiser and what not to do and what to do. as much as ive regretted of doing what ive done..its the best mistake of my life.

okay gang. i barely can open my eyes now. terasa nak muntah. will blog more later.

 note to self : man, you gotta stop this shit. its stupid. you’re better than this.



1 Response to “ho ho ho!!”

  1. 1 lil miss impossible
    December 27, 2007 at 3:50 am

    true that u cant help but to look back

    but to look back and wallow in self pity is just plain pitiful.

    one shud look back, smile and say.. ” hey! that was fun. too bad it cudnt last any longer. it aint my lost eh ”

    mistakes will remain mistakes if u dun get over it. else it is what they call “life experience”

    lets get on with our lives, shall we?

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