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was randomly going through some blogs, and came across one which caught my eye. what she wrote which made sense was :

“a sign of weakness does not make you look that you are not capable enough, it is just a reminder to us that all of us are just humans”

another one :

“you weep when you’re happy, you weep when you’re sad, sometimes you weep for no reason at all. its just a reminder that your heart is not carved out of stone”


**dslr not in hand, but pix taken from my new toy.. w580i**outcome of qookie last night, muntah dan mabuk since i was smart enough to have beer+tequila shot+glasses of whisky. tsk tsk.**

damn i’ve not updated my travelog for Bandung, which I will do it before tomorrow ends. so minta maaf to those i’ve promised to tell you on the info’s. =)

makan makan makan. qookie dah lapar. blogyalater!