margaret cho : comedic assasinator


just got back from fairy+evi’s place .. and finally got to watch margaret cho.. for those of you who doesnt know who she is, margaret cho is an abk (american born korean) who does standup comedies.. she’s wickedly funny and definitely spoke her mind out about culture, politics, her family and life in general. one of her jokes that caught me funny bone was :

 **a message which was left by her mother on the answering machine :**


(dialog in english with thick korean slang)

“margaret… MaaArgaret…. pick up the phone!”

“Arrre you gay? ….  pick up the phone!!”

“If you dont pick up the phone, means you gay… gay people screen phone call.. you gay!!”


hahaha.. couldnt stop laughing for 3 1/2 hours.

well, she just came out with 4 dvd’s so far.. and its such a drag that they dont have it in our “reliable” dvd stores.. so.. if you want to watch it, try downloading it or purchase the dvd on amazon.com..

its a worth watch.. and would even be cooler if youre stoned with your friends. 😉


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