happy new year!

the new year is here.

and i agree with another fellow blogger.. “a giraffe is still an animal”.. years comes and goes, but chunks from what we call life would still remain the same. there are so many things that we could do to make it different tho’.. and at the end of the day.. but as the saying goes.. “a leopard can never change its spots”.

what can i say about 2007 compared to other years?  its a lil diffy i would say. the perfect word to describe would be chaotic. from every points of my life be it work, social,  relationships and emotions.. total chaos.

well, like i said.. we could try to make it different tho. and yes, definitely i will try. im sick of being broken. and i still am. something that i would like to share with all of you, mentioned by someone wise.

“Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck”

so yeah.. take a chance because you never know how perfect something can be. and making a choice to just go is definitely denying/running which would not get you anywhere.

off to the gym. need to take my mind off before i turn into a train wreck.

happy new years everybody.. happy cheers.


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