horoscopic tragic

something which has been on my facebook profile for a while, and i’ve not realized it up till today.

Libra: Someone you hardly noticed before will suddenly become a lot more attractive to you, out of nowhere. It’s worth giving them a chance..

I wonder. Its too soon to tell.

geez, my blog is getting too sappy to read. gotta find interesting materials to write.

just came back from an interesting meet. had fun talking. and definitely will do it again soon. things which was talked about on the way back. qookie wonders.

who am i attracted to : people who smiles alot and i make them smile + people who knows what they’re talking about and when its necessary.

btw, that horoscope of mine. its been there for about a month. the readings are suppose to change daily/weekly.. no?

qookie wonders again. 


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