The Hike

yeah.. after a random night out. came the day that i thought i was ambitious enough to go for.. the hike/walk in FRIM.

 I cant remember the last time I went there, but it was actually.. refreshing. Had a field with nature and breeze walking, and hiking up the hill and walking through the hanging canopy walk which is suspended by steel steps.


frightening but nice. muahaha. Definitely gonna do this on a bi-weekly basis from now on.


what i liked about hiking in FRIM would be the lovely trees.. the leaves which forms a bunch of canopies made the whole place looked..nice enough to relax and enjoy an afternoon.



things to do in FRIM : picnic, jogging, trekking, cycling, camping, birdwatching and nature photography.

to go on the canopy walk, make sure you bring some money because its RM5 per person.

best time to go : in the morning of course, because after that it can get a lil hot.

how to get there : check out http://www.frim.gov.my/img/MapBIMac05.jpg

So yea. If you’re looking for a weekend to just bask in the glory of nature.. head down to FRIM. Its still nicely maintained and am sure you’re gonna be just.. relaxed and satisfied walking / hiking / trekking / cycling around. =)


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