Go Go Golfing!

got myself commited to something that I wouldnt be doing because I thought I was not ready for but after a few bitchy days at work.. heck.. screw it.. I went golfing.. kah kah kah.

woke up at 615am and drove to guthrie, shah alam today with a bunch of friends on a par 3 course. We tee`d off at 730 am while the sun was rising and there were still fog around, nice view tho.. =)

anyways, this course is a good place for beginners to try out their hands at golf. to tell the truth, the feel of hitting the ball on the green is far more satisfying than hitting 100 balls at the driving range.. I could feel that I was so powered to play in a relax mode.. and by playing each and every hole I became more competitive to make sure I get a Par 3. After being diagnosed by my mother (the mamacoach..muahaha) she said that for all of us who are beginners, not bad that I actually pulled a 107 ( i knw its alot, but bear in mind im a beginner) on a Par 3 course. Yeahoo! Approval!


well.. it was a fun, tiring day.. couldnt believe that I actually ate a packet of nasi lemak and after that bantai nasi kandar at one go. tsk tsk. diet gone! hehe.. and am going for another trip down to guthrie on saturday to play another round with my mom! yeay!


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