new year activity checklist


i’ve been putting this on hold, but ive promised myself so here it goes. after a lot of thinking… the official resolutions and checklist for 2008!

2008 new year’s resolution :

 ++ to be more cautious about making decisions. think thrice before coming up with    something.

++ to minimize the feeling of taking things too hard.. its not all about the other person.

++ to do more stuff on my own rather than depending on others

++ to spend more time with me mom and sis.. and friends..

++ more travelling

++ more activities! – healthy ones like hiking, trekking, random sports stuff

++ to make sure i have a toned tummy like jessica alba.. getting there..=P

++ to come up out with a list of what i want to do for every month and try to see whether I can do it all. yeay!

++ to not be superficial. not all girls with pretty faces are the ones for me.. mahahahha.

 January 2008 checklist – up to today

+ played golf

+ went for FRIM walks and more!

+ going for Salsa.. yahoo!

+ Meet new people –> expanding my network

+ went to a PLU bar. kahkahkah.

 well. thats all i can think for now. and yea. have to sleep lah i cant think. early golf game tomorrow!


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