a good weekend it has been.

after the thursday feel on the guthrie course, decided to go back again yesterday with me mom.. so yea.. this time around, my game improved to 81 from 107 the other day.. so yeah. F U N!! muahahaha.. but yea.. its a seriously expensive saturday of the month i would say.. swiped 200 bucks on golf stuff but well its all worth it now.. =)


*note : no dslr was in sight due to malas nak bawak.. taken from w580i.*

from a golfing + makan + shopping outing.. next activity in line.. S A L S A!

went for a salsa workshop today.. and definitely was interesting! thanks to Ms Ling.. i decided to go and see for myself whats the workshop was all about..


 for a mere RM20.. i had good clean fun.. polishing up me salsa skills, learning up the bachatta and cha cha.. meeting up with new people and also hooking up with my college mates.. all in one package. 🙂 after the workshop which was held in shang’s.. we scoot over to salsa havana in federal hotel on jalan bukit bintang for the after party.. what amazes me about salsa bars is how graceful these people were actually dancing.. wish i could lead and do the same.. so yea. as soon as we hit the dance floor, my feet actually froze for about an hour and i just sat there looking at others dancing.. got meself a few invitations tho (surprisingly they were men..and i was dressed up in a shirt and not a dress) .. whoa.. market still very high on the other side….muahahaha.. after a while, i got bored and asked my colleague for a dance.. and tire her up until her dress strap went off.. hahahaha.

altho i learnt salsa last year, when it comes to dancing it off in a club.. i forget everything.. so definitely i cant lead the girl im dancing with, right? but after the workshop last night, everything slowly came back to me and it was a good thing i bumped into my college mate and we danced the night away.. thank god she said that she enjoyed my skills and i was actually good for her.. (eh, i mean the dance part arr)..

after the after party, headed down to heritage row to meet up some friends.. and enjoyed the company with more dancing dancing at mansion.. thank god the music was good compared to the other time i was there. Blonde sucked tho.. the event definitely pulled a different crowd and was definitely not so into it. Hopefully, the scene will be back to normal the next time i come in.

 so yea.. one more thing to be added to my activity list for 2008 :

1. Rainforest Jazz Fest – July 2008

2. To take up salsa classes : www.salsajay.com

3. Malaysia Salsa Congress Party : check out http://www.malaysiansalsafestival.com/2008/

4. Revisit Rock Climbing

5. Polish up on Golf

6. To take pix in Batu Caves

7. To backpack Malaysia

hmm.. thats all i could think off right now. hope ill be able to have sufficient funds to do this!


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