“why do we have to feel this way?”

“there is no shortcut in life.. in love and in misery.. you have to feel this pain, it is what makes life special and unique in its own way. and the pain we feel is usually accompanied by.. hope.. hope that makes us believe in theres more to life and not to just waddle in pain and uncertainty. its okay to be scared, its okay to feel the pain. but thats what makes us human and not stones below a fountain.”



well.. the post above was posted at around 10 plus.. and thought that i would edit a lil.. had to do delivery for the ciggies to me customer. what turned to be a supposed 10 minutes drop off turned into a 2 hours hang out, blessed with buckets of beers courtesy of me client. Met new people which was interesting and of my kind and chatting away about how cold the place was, how luck has something to do with life and how age does not matter. it felt good to fit in a bunch of crowd which is totally not the type that i would hang out with, and thank god that they accepted my company for the night. its damn good to be a malaysian innit? and making money out of it too. heh heh.

a bunch of characters i met tonite.. the acting cool type (but shes actually cool), the quiet but suddenly burst out type, the maintain macho type, the old but act young type and so many others. as we were exchanging stories, me *customer* told me that.. ” hey jr.. (thats what they call me) cheers to the 2008 for bringing us luck, goodbye to the horrendous 2007 and cheers to newfound friendship”.. “and jr, i salute you.. at least the best outcome for you in 2007 would be.. time management” .. i bawled in laughter after hearing that. and its quite true tho.. yea, i learnt a great deal on time management but not financial management which i need to take up.. bhawahwahwha.


**something that the customer drew for me, thats my gerfren hahaha**

anyways, twas a good night and im glad that the ‘delivery’ session was turned into a chilled out session, and plus a lot of drinks. being tipsy on a weekday tuesday is blissful.

i know this is a lil late to say.. but yea. cheers to 2008 and hope that it turns into a good one.


Note : Picture as illustration.. hehehe. taken from Banquet tea outing. Please excuse the pic quality. dont know what happenedla. malas nak edit.



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