the night of lights..

Tick tock tick tock.. As i anxiously wait for the time where i get off work. 615 strikes.. YAHOO! In a few hours, will be doing something fun, something that i would have not committed myself to do..photowalks late at night on a normal weekday.

Parked my car and walked over to the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Jalan Bandar and while walking.. KL never stop to amaze me where there are sooo many nationalities who roams around and blends in the ever so bustling life of the city. There i was in Petaling Street and walked into a fresh fight between some Malays and a couple of tourists, where the tourist kinda got punch/slashed on his face because of hailing a cab. Trying not to be a so Kepoh Malaysian, i hesitated because I dont want to get myself into trouble. But instead I  stood aside with some Indonesian ladies and asked them what happened. “Drama Minggu Ini Dek” translation : The drama of the week. I asked them arent they scared of getting bashed or something..and they replied me. “Takde TV kat rumah, lagi baik duduk sini tengok orang punya cerita” translation : Its better to stick around here and watch people, besides theres no tv at home. I laughed and continued walking towards the temple.

Whats the story behind the photowalk?

 After a while not opening my flickr account, last week i decided to just open the page due to post-stress syndrom where i just wanted to go and take pictures. The only reliable people to have all this fun photowalks would definitely be the flickerites of course and thank god they had plans. So tonight, the plan was to go and take pictures of the Thaipusam Chariot Procession, where the devotees will be walking while carrying kavadi’s from the Sri Maha Mariamman temple towards Batu Caves. (a long walk aye?)


pic : Sri Maha Mariamman temple


pic : statues outside the temple


pic : the chariot, being prepared before the procession

since we were briefed by the leader of the pack to station ourselves in three spots, we went flicrazy snapping away the photos of the procession, the people, the tabla players, the chariots and even the FRU’s. There was a sea of people who followed the procession, and for me it was a definite fun experience and made me realized that how wonderful I am to be a Malaysian, to be able to sample all the different festivities and also.. to take photos. hehe. So yeah, after the first two stops, we headed down to Jalan Pudu to take more photos since the chariot will be passing and at that time I actually finished my 1st memory card. Fumbling through my bag to search for the extra card, I looked up and everybody went missing. Me, being the penakut I am.. contemplated between going back to our meet up place or to go after the chariot. Since tak puas hati kan, I ran after.. I mean ran after the chariot to take more pix. Thank god i did. =)


pic : the chariot, making its way toward Jalan Pudu

Well, the photowalk for me lasted a while more where I actually followed the procession until Muzium Telekom and decided to head back since I’ll be walking alone. KL can be dodgy at night and I wouldnt want to risk it. +)


pic : kavadi bearer, walking on Jalan Pudu behind the chariot

Before we ended the night, we realized that there were no cars on the road and decided to continue with some street shooting.. all crazy poses, blinding flashes and good photos.. cant wait to see them being posted heh heh.


So yeah, 2008 is about me doing what I like, what I enjoy most and twas a good thing that I followed the group tonight. Definitely, I cannot wait for tommorow morning because am still gonna go take pix’s on Thaipusam and also catch the sunrise in Batu Caves.

phew. I smell of asap, peluh and berdaki tebal. its time for a bath. hehehe. but wait.. update photos! cant wait for the outcome..

sekian. selamat malam. good thing i took that leave. =P

more photos :


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  1. 1 aoi-chan
    January 25, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    checked ya out~ nothin’ new also… haha~ 😛

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