aint no mountain high enough.. =P

im not ready to venture into new possibilities. not just yet..


just got back from hiking in Bukit Gasing and my view on the place. awesome. err. what do i mean by awesome is that its a slightly tougher trail than FRIM especially one of the hill up which does not have any trail / planks and it is just … ground.. more to clay i would say.

it feels nice to be free. it feels nice not to have any commitments and to do what i feel like doing. i just realized that i’ve never been healthier than before and hmm. to come to think about it, i cant even remember the last time i had my asthma attack (yes qookie is the sissy one). whenever i think that should i go into a new “string”, the feeling just make me shudder. either that im just scared that the next relationship will turn into what happened before or mebbe im just scared that ill be hurting the next one who comes by. well, what i can say is that i am still in my rebound period, and its better to be safe than sorry and stay in hiding just for a while till i know what is certain. I just dont want to miss a step and wanting to be careful on what may come. I was hit so hard with the last one and as egoistical that i can be.. am definitely not ready to get bulldozed or sledgehammer that way again (for both the long clingy x-gf and the short x-gf). not to say that I am scared to take a step forward, but im a lil comfortable where i am at the mo. need to get slightly nestled in this first then go out and run again.  So, it may take a lil time. Patience is a virtue. For now, im just sick of being tied down, I dont want to be controlled nor would I want to be the person that the other depend on. No No! What i have now which is certain and important above all this is definitely work.

am considering looking for positions outside the country and am waiting for the time to come. although a vaccay would sound more sane, as in getting away from everyone or everything. a new break would be even better. after chatting with my *lildjogja* sister.. the possibility of actually putting things into action.. is more clearer.

and now to go for that dumbwitted wedding at the neighbours. adake buat tengahari pagi2 buta yang sungguh panas nie. isk. *now to slip into my baju kurung with my short hair* gile dragqueen.


** experimenting with the phones function. cool jugak. hehehe. taken with a w580i camera phone**


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