just got back from *jiran*’s surprise birthday dinner. although i was late for the surprise. heh heh.

wanna know why?

they call it “the smart tunnel”.. no complain on that, but the stupid freaking thing is.. i was heading towards palete palete behind istana hotel and as soon as i get onto Jalan Sultan Ismail after getting out from the SMART tunnel.. twas freaking jam like crazy.. So as my car approaches slowly towards the traffic light in front of Plaza Imbi, could see that there was a couple of police traffic who placed some skittles in front of the traffic lights completely blocking of the road and directed all traffic to in front of Berjaya Times Square and i had to turn into the road to go to Cheras. Bloody hell. Stupid enforcers. The reason which the officers gave was.. “Dek, Lampu trafik rosak.. lalu jalan lain”.. YEESSSHH! So yea, took me 1 1/2 hours to get to the venue, which by then.. I was tired.

well *jiran* .. i love you to death and hope you had a good surprise early birthday. *love*


 im so stoned right now. zzzzz. want more. =P


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