Everybody wants a life without pain. And what does it get you? Pain is there for a reason.

Just got back from drinks with *lildjogjasis*. Something interesting came to mind.

What is freedom?

As defined by web : “the capacity to exercise choice;free will”

As defined by qookie : the ability to make your own choice, taking risk and be responsible for the outcome of the choice which was made.

Its amazing how the year have passed and I realized that.. I am now an adult. Free from the clutches of parents who tries to rule your world for your benefit. I am definitely grateful for what my mom has sacrificed/done for me to ensure that I get some good education but I am also grateful for able to make the decision on my own on thinking what is best for me.

Ahh.. and that is freedom for my life in general.

Lets go into a more interesting topic, what can we say about personal freedom? Isnt freedom being conditioned by considering how the other person thinks? Just a note,  choices made are always determined by the subjectivity of the matter and how it was constructed.

After reading my post in my previous blogs and after last weekend, I just realized that Im much more freer and loving every second of it. Going through some other blog pages and sites, found some discussions on personal freedom where some people mentioned that being in a relationship, the freedom which was there resulted in loss of time. Well, that depends on how we look at it. Time is precious, time is sweet, but what we cant do is store/gain time.

Bleh – qookie is glad that qookie has been thinking alot. qookie finally snapped. qookie is greatful. qookie loves life and planning not to waste any nanoseconds of it.

I did not realized over the years that I took life as it is. I never loved/care for myself and thought to much on others well-being. Its a good experience this last two years which made me grown a lil, where I should be a lil selfish on thinking about myself. Question was posted to me earlier at work.. “After a year of being fine and because of one individual, what made you crumbled?” Well, I dont know what happened there and to tell you the truth, suddenly life has opened my eyes and I was scared shitless about my life. Its high time for qookie, and Im definitely taking back control on how it should be managed and run.

Sleep qookie sleep. You need the sleep.


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