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its finally spring

today was one of the perfect week day that I have not had for after sometime.

woke up feeling fresh after a well rested sleep (without any alarm clock!).

had lunch with the people who brought sunshine into my life after the gloomy season of depression.

went into work halfday in the afternoon and went straight for meeting after meeting and by the time the meeting ended, it was time to go off.

had dinner with fools i call my good buddies.

well, cant i have more days like this! huhuhu. but definitely i am nervous waiting for monday to come. that day will deter whats gonna happen moving forward. **nervous**



Boathouse TTDI

 Had a superb dinner at this cool restaurant in TTDI yesterday.. Boathouse.

It was Jas’s birthday and also the company’s post chap goh meh dinner and they were sweet enough to extend an invitation to me to come along for dinner. Boy, I had a feast.

 Lets start with the first appetizer.. the oyster shooters. its damn yummy. i dont know whats in it, but heck. its damn good!


Next, came the mushroom soup..erm.. mushroom shooters. one more item in my good book. 😉


and now comes the rocket salad..

dsc_0117.jpgnext the main course.. i think this is fish. and its so yummy!


we had 2 types of pasta in between, i think it was seafood/oyster and also something pepperish.. but the “showstopper” was the flaming steak..


Well, apart from the good food.. i find it pretty cool that we could actually draw on the table.. although im very2 blergh when it comes to drawing.. but im sure all the others had a fun time drawing up!


It was a good dinner. Im giving it a 4/5 rating..huhu.. Thanks to *mommy* and *Ms Jay*. Love you guys to bits.



assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups and you just fucked it up.

thanks for screaming. thanks for saying things which you just mentioned.

you still dont get me do you?

you just squashed what i think i had and trying to recover from and right now its in pieces and i definitely have nothing left. i thank you so much.

i guess my self-respect/pride/dignity is now all gone. thank you thank you thank you. YEESH.

and definitely i know youre loving this moment. good. im happy for you.

well, i guess things are pretty clear cut now. thanks.



rainbow and majik fingers.. bLERGH.

–  Single,   Available,  Rockin`,  Crazily  Attractive,  Sexy,  Mysterious – SARCASM –


Morning : The “big day” where the interview was going on. looked promising… but well, lets hope for the best

2. Winning the presidency clean and fairly by over 90 votes. woo hoo!

Evening : Department dinner led to coffee session which turned into a sangria session in Bodega and a full night in Eckywobee and Bambo9.. result = being a total drunk with alot of interesting things happening in between which i really want to forget about which lasted till 3++am. For those of you who wants to have a nice eve to chill out and have some drinks, head on to Breeze where the drinks are awesome especially the Mojito and Apple Vodka Soda. yamm.


Morning : As i was being stupid enough having that much to drink on friday, had to wake up bright and early for a game of Golf, which halfway through the game, i seriously regret of having too many drinks which resulted to super baggy eyes and no brains the next day. Super bad golf game which i was feeling so frustrated and kind of gave up on playing.

Late afternoon : Went to Bkt Gasing with the *hot insurance lady* (heh heh) and had a good walk. Am definitely gonna do this every single week now and taking up running every morning. Lets see how well I can work with that in mind.

Evening : Went to One Utama for dinner with *brownie* and *donut* which led to a camwhoring session at the “gardens” and ended the night again in Bambo9 (yea, i am now quite fond of the whole TTDI Plaza).. Didnt get too drunk like the day before, but well had enough drinks to make me not wanting to drink anymore for the week. On top of that, the alcohol was doing a good job making me saying things which may not be a good idea at the time. but well, things are now mentioned and i feel a lot better and in time the words mentioned will be given some thought. urrh.


Due to what happened last night, I ended up waking up at 1045 and was late for a friend’s engagement ceremony which was all the way in Seremban which started at 1100. Yea, qookie is one smart ass. The good thing is, I got there at the right time which was the time for lunch huhuhu. Congratulations dear friend, i wish you all the happiness that you can get.

I cant get my mind straight today.. there were so many times during the drive back from Seremban that I felt like just ramming my car into all the lorries which I passed. Its been a heavy week really, which at one point of the day.. I feel like screaming on top of my lungs to just release the frustration of what I was feeling. What I know that I should start is to teach myself  to let things go. This sort of stuff is the things which I repeatedly-subconciously do which I know will destroy me. Maybe what my friend told me is true :

“Maybe you’re just addicted to pain”

Maybe I am … and maybe I should stop. Me and my friends played the “Rate-Me” game the other day and they rated me on a scale of 1-10, how nice am I? I got myself 10. No doubt, I know myself that I am a nice person, which makes me vulnerable to get hurt, dissapointed or anything under the “emotional pain” category because of wanting others to be happy. Sigh, isnt love or life one complicated mess? will leave that to be thought off individually. 😉

I realized today I am one qookie which is scared of things, situations..whatever.

Thank you for making me smile again.. its so bloody rainbow.. muaahhahahaha. You’ve made my day. 😉


pix : sunrise from my room, taken with a nikon d40 camera


chap cali chap cali chap goh meh

fireworks!its nice to have this smiley feeling

well, it was a very unproductive day at work.. i mean, half day at work. i was too bored and didnt have the mood to work since tomorrow’s the “big” day. i am nervous out of my wits because i dont want the same thing to happen again like the last interview i went for. i got to nervous until the wrong words came out. sigh.

 anyways, i actually do not have any intentions of posting any blogs tonight because i need to concentrate on updating my resume which i have been procastinating since monday and i’ve not been doing any research just yet. i am so digging my own grave on this. while i was updating my stuff, a loud bang, pop and bam was heard and i looked back into my backyard.. fireworks!

yea.. i guess since its chap goh meh day, the municipal decided to have some fireworks to be fired from the MPPJ field near Amcorp and it has been a while since they did that. Fireworks was lovely and the cool thing was, I was snapping from my phone and look at the outcome :


all the more reason i love it. thank you MPPJ~! =P


.gah. =|

its hard to keep this all inside.
life can be simple, life can be hard
however humans, we tend to make it complicated
and up till a point, there will be no point of return
where everything has been said and done
and only the pain which surfaces will remains silent
in the mind, in the heart and in the soul
too many things is flowing through this block headed mind
but the mind refuses to tell its story
because of the outcome of rejection, acceptance
may not be what the mind and heart wants to hear
its all about insecurities
its all about what you think about what goes around you
Ego! Ego!
thats what we all have and I admit mine has gone through the bin.


this will be a short post. i just need to SCREAM.

im tired of this. i need this to stop.