The rest of your life is a long time, and the rest of your life starts right now.

I was trying to recall some stuff yesterday and seems that I have not been resting for quite a bit. I can’t remember the last time I woke up late (as in after 11) or being at home on a weekend.

Today, it felt good. I woke up at 2pm and realized that I was super exhausted from this 8 weeks. Seems that I’ve been waking up every single day (in the weekend) before 8 to do all the “healthy” stuff, without realizing that I was actually forcing myself to do it so that I can fill up my time. Thank god for today, it felt good to just be lazy. Sorry lucy d that I bailed, but my phone rang and I didnt hear it.. really knocked out. Sigh.


pic : a metaphorical object representing qonfuzed qookie.

HAHAH. Well, ref to title l.a.z.y. it was definitely a lazy day.. Managed to drag myself out of the bed (and this was at 4pm) to attend *CND’s* nephews birthday like I always do and ended up painting a plaster figure with the kids, where one of them was saying “Are you a baby or a big person?” That girl was 5 years of age. Pandai betul budak2 sekarang nie ye, rasa nak sepak sorang sorang.

Although I was teased by the young girl, I didnt care. Really, I felt like a small kid again.. Where there were no problems for me to deal with and my job is to enjoy life without responsibilities. *Snap snap* – back to reality where the fact that I am now 25+ years of age, with commitments to pay and issues to deal with. So yea, sometimes I do need a break to not think and do what makes me smile and happy.

“There’s a box of our memory stuff in it, I dont know what to do with it. Im sure you dont want anything from it that has anything to do with me”

*Snap Snap*

 One of the issues for me to deal with, to get over stuff like this. It makes my stomach quiver so much whenever i receive any text saying the same things. I just want to forget what was a long history and start anew. I need to do this. But wait, am I denying myself in the first place on how I feel about things? Great, now I need to start thinking because this is definitely making me feel completely down, which is the last thing I need on a Saturday night.

*Tai tai Wong, happy that you’re back and it was good to hear your voice.. I realized that I missed you like crazy*


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