i am kafka

i am comfortable in this container, which is me

tick. tick. tick. chatter. chatter. chatter.

mindless conversations in the office could be heard out of boredom since its the eve of cny. you could actually count the amount of people who are in the office, staring into space and cant wait to go off. and as much as i try to refrain from blogging in the office.. today was an exception.. IT IS TOO BORING.

and it sucks that i dont seem to have any idea on what to blog about. maybe im just brain dead. or maybe im just dead tired.

*thanks for the invite last night, have not enjoyed myself in that way for quite sometime where there i couldnt care less about all the issues which has clouding my mind*

anyways, have promised myself to start buying a book every month or week and the latest addition to my collection is

kafka on the shore


the book contains several riddles, but there are not any solutions provided. When you combine several of the riddles together, and through their interation the possibility of a solution takes shape. However, the form to this solutions will be different for each reader. To put it in another way, the riddles functions as part of the solution.

Its a really good book to read although i am still at page 173, where the quotes, the riddles makes me think on how my life description which definitely fits the book. but well, what is written in the book should fit others too but depends on how others would interpret.

owh that reminds me. would like to add this in. girls who belongs to the scorpio groups.. are fucking predators (ill exclude you lucy heh heh). its funny how one person can affect on clouding the other’s behaviour, thoughts and judgement and just yesterday i realized, that omfg, youre such wanker. ah. leave it to that.

 anyways.. tick tock tick tock.. its time to tag out! bubble tea here i come!


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