white and blue skies

most of the choices we make in life is equally outrageous to taking a life away


pic : sunset while driving back from work, hyatt saujana by sony ericsson w580i

i realized that today was actually a gorgeous day out, where the skies were bright blue complemented by the fluffy clouds. i easily get fascinated with the formations of clouds, the lightings of rays piercing through the evening sunset.. senang cerita, i get easily fascinated with the nature of our existence. just now while i was driving back, caught a glimpse of the sunset and how gorgeous it is to have a combination of white and dark grey clouds with piercing rays of the sun, gleaming through some area. things like these, makes me be at peace.

what turned out to be a yummylicious bubble tea session went a little wrong towards the end. and the outcome from the a/m quote, inspired me to decide on an outrageous choice on my behalf, be silent. be still. simpler that way innit. the result of an act of one person may change the behaviour/thoughts and rationality of another, that logic to me works. different people may perceive differently on certain acts which was carried out, which may also bring to some conflicts. like what has been said, an effective communication works both ways. from what i can remember, there are 2 types of communication :

the river communication : where the conversation goes one way

the two-way communication : where both parties relays and acknowledge of one another

but life doesn’t work that way where all the time there has to be a two-way communication. life works as a whole where both of the communication methods are applied in our day to day life. sometimes, you may want to confide in the person you’re comfortable with where the person just needs to listen, being empathetic. so thats what im saying.

surpressing emotions. well, seems that im doing good in this which i just realized. whoa, i guess ive been in denial all this while thinking im doing better which i am but life works that way where things just get messy sometimes. concur to the statement of life is simple, why complicate things. its just how people look at it from different points of view and thats how i look at things to. different people would have different ways of being approached by simplicity, and not all are lucky.

do not hide or let emotions carry you too far as it may destroy you

bit by bit, im crushed down to pieces. i guess im still not done. not just yet.


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