deep slumber

“aku sudah jemu dengan hidup ini yang penuh dengan hipokrasi.
sudahla tu. tidak perlu berlakon lagi. katakan saja apa yang dihati.”

as much as i woke up to a good morning.. decided to take a half day off and went home.


sometimes i hate it when “that time of the month comes”. it really screws you upside down in the tummy region. feel like just kicking things around and strangling any human being that crosses my path. was a good thing that i slept the afternoon off.. as in..the whole freaking afternoon off. huhuhu..

a visit to the doctor was called for to get something for the pain, but instead the diagnosis was different. i have low blood pressure. cool i thought, but the doc say that its not a laughing matter.

well. have to eat more veg now. damn. aint liking being a cow although how green and yummy grass could be. i will just associate the green with either money or golf and not something that i would enjoy eating. hah!

and here is to the night at dinner. 🙂 wish that it could last longer. sigh. and an inch higher. ;-P


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