.the red day.

this is not life, it is just a stolen season

the day that i dreaded the most has come. valentine’s day.

the day which i know that a lot will come to mind and memories will come back hitting me in the head, again and again. that is just how i work.. my brain would not stop on thinking of how my life went. sigh.

well.. a good opening to valentine’s day tho.. walking towards my desk, noticed there was a nice big red box of swedish cookies on my table (thanks.. i do like it alot), a red devillish voodoo doll from my deskmate (who says that the doll resembles me a lot which i agree) and named it B-Cup..ahaha.. its really cute. plus, some famous amos cookies and chocolates and also sotong bakar..hahaha. but yeah, it was sweet for those who gave me all those and all i can offer them is my sincerest thanks and making them laugh their eyeballs out.


pic : B-Cup ya`ll in the house taken by camera phone sony ericcson w850i

yes. that is what i can offer. only smiles, love and laughter.

its kind of weird that im actually writing this in the middle of a family dinner. mom decided to have a valentine bbq dinner to introduce the boyfriend to my sister. at least the food was good and he’s a good guy.. oklah in my book.

sigh. thank god the day is ending. i know vals day is suppose to be a sweet day and stuff, but what i think is the day is just overrated or maybe the fact that i dont have anybody to share the day with. as in someone special. whatever.

now to get back to my resume updates.


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