bright lights

well. i cant sleep. so i decided to just post another entry.

after dinner and watching a movie with my sister, felt a little stuffy and decided to drive out around the area while listening to my new favourite olivia ong cd.. she’s super in my books and i cant help listening to her songs again and again. somehow somewhat, her songs makes me feel.. relaxed.

anyways, after driving pointlessly and endlessly i decided to go for a drink since i was feeling a lil parsed.. and what i can say to the ending of today is that the spot drinks was a good choice. fireworks can be seen from 4 different angles and for rm2 worth of drinks, it was worth it. huhuhu call me cheapskate but im fucking broke.

with every firework which was displayed, my mind flutters. with every firework popping my heart aches. earlier i guess i was a little bit in denial because i felt fine but then i realized that whoa.. its my first v day being single. i know v day is a lil overrated and all, but somehow the “festive” mood will get to you and that will make you feel miserable for the fact that you usually have somebody to spend it with. well, everyday is a valentines day. you do not need a special day to show your love for your significant other or friends. thats how im taking it and thats how it should be.

aaah.. the fireworks have stopped, thank god i can get some sleep now.

my mind was completely flying for the whole day actually. theres so many things that i was thin


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