since a friend told me the next time i dream, blog it out to see the implied meaning. so hear goes.

i dreamt that I went to Thailand with a bunch of friends which was decided randomly and surprising the journey from KL to Thailand by car was a short drive. We were there to attend an event which i cant remember by now what was it. The journey started with for people from KL : me, the yoga-x, sarah and the gf and once we reached Thailand, Mr A Kenichi showed up which I was actually surprised. Because in reality we did not talk much anymore. As we were waiting for the event to start, Mr S and *jiran* showed up which made me even more surprised since I didnt know that they were coming. nothing much was mentioned, everyone was talking about except for me.

anyways, i did mention that the x came along with me. so yeah,  the whole day went on fine and right before the event, she came across some of her friends and left me to go and watch the event on my own. after the event, was calling her to check on her whereabouts but i couldnt get her until i saw her seated at a table with her friends. well, at the point i was thinking maybe she didnt hear her phone, but heck lets try call her again. so i called, and i saw her checking her phone and on her face there was an expression where she hesitated to pick it up and yeap, she did not.

well, next on the list was my friends all decided to stayback without informing me (which of course made me feel dissapointed because I was informed last) and i had to go back to KL, so I went off. The next day, I decided to give her a call, and she picked up. So I asked :

“why didnt you pick up your call?” and she answered

“you didnt know what happened to me”.

 “what happened?”.

“i twisted my wrist and my friends were taking care of me”.

“why didnt you tell me?”.

“i was in pain, you shouldve known that”

well, of course i wouldnt know. so we kinda fought for a while which i couldnt remember the details, but at the end of the call, she told me :

“i love you, you know that?”

i was actually shocked because in reality, she never mentioned that to me. and i replied :

“yes, i love you too”

then i woke up. that dream was seriously messed up. not a good morning at all with the fireworks playing last night and i couldnt get some sleep. qookie is on a blek path right now.


2 Responses to “dream”

  1. 1 peppermint
    February 15, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    lol… just because a friend told you so…

    dreams is the missing link between the unconscious and the conscious mind. what lies in unconsciousness holds more truth than what we profess blatantly within limitations of words and language.

    compare your dreams and your current life events it will offer you some suggestions on the person you are. lately, you’ve grown to be more carefree and comfortable being by yourself. in your dreams, among your closest friends, you fear the rejection and disappointment of being left out.

    a surprise from your ex-lover, this is only part of another fantasy getaway and a gradual acceptance of your recent relationship that has gone bad.

    the blind that leads the blind would only figure out that an elephant looks like a rope, a tree trunk, or a fan. will try to get another person to leave a comment here for you.

  2. 2 Anascazi
    February 16, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    Analysis of the superficial manifest content of the dream:

    You felt betrayed by X, but deep inside yourself you actually blame yourself for the betrayal. You still wish that X loves you, but you dare not say this before she says this first. It’s either because of pride or low self esteem on your part, but I guess it’s actually a combination of both…

    A deeper manifest content analysis will need the free association technique, not counting the analysis of the latent content which will require more skills on the part of the analyst.

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