chap cali chap cali chap goh meh

fireworks!its nice to have this smiley feeling

well, it was a very unproductive day at work.. i mean, half day at work. i was too bored and didnt have the mood to work since tomorrow’s the “big” day. i am nervous out of my wits because i dont want the same thing to happen again like the last interview i went for. i got to nervous until the wrong words came out. sigh.

 anyways, i actually do not have any intentions of posting any blogs tonight because i need to concentrate on updating my resume which i have been procastinating since monday and i’ve not been doing any research just yet. i am so digging my own grave on this. while i was updating my stuff, a loud bang, pop and bam was heard and i looked back into my backyard.. fireworks!

yea.. i guess since its chap goh meh day, the municipal decided to have some fireworks to be fired from the MPPJ field near Amcorp and it has been a while since they did that. Fireworks was lovely and the cool thing was, I was snapping from my phone and look at the outcome :


all the more reason i love it. thank you MPPJ~! =P


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