Boathouse TTDI

 Had a superb dinner at this cool restaurant in TTDI yesterday.. Boathouse.

It was Jas’s birthday and also the company’s post chap goh meh dinner and they were sweet enough to extend an invitation to me to come along for dinner. Boy, I had a feast.

 Lets start with the first appetizer.. the oyster shooters. its damn yummy. i dont know whats in it, but heck. its damn good!


Next, came the mushroom soup..erm.. mushroom shooters. one more item in my good book. 😉


and now comes the rocket salad..

dsc_0117.jpgnext the main course.. i think this is fish. and its so yummy!


we had 2 types of pasta in between, i think it was seafood/oyster and also something pepperish.. but the “showstopper” was the flaming steak..


Well, apart from the good food.. i find it pretty cool that we could actually draw on the table.. although im very2 blergh when it comes to drawing.. but im sure all the others had a fun time drawing up!


It was a good dinner. Im giving it a 4/5 rating..huhu.. Thanks to *mommy* and *Ms Jay*. Love you guys to bits.


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