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lunch post

i woke up with an achy feeling. yes. from the treasure hunt yesterday.

my legs were heavy, my muscles are strained and my phone could not stop ringing..because i snoozed it over and over again from 7am till 810. sometimes i wish i could just bang the phone. tapi sayang tu, baru beli. heh heh.

why am i writing this afternoon post?

because i woke up feeling crappy and the whole day has welcomed my mood with open arms. conclusion to this afternoon post would be :

“as much as you try to change yourself, the situation wont change according to how you have changed, so why bother”

i hate having that negative vibe, it definitely pushes other people away. maybe i need someone to talk to and i do..thanks to the Go Super Hot Mom. hehe. but, sometimes you would want to have that someone beside you, to show that you care, to shower all the attention. but what keeps coming back to me is being throwned at with stones.

it hurts. it crushes me. but what cant kill you will make you stronger right? hopefully it will.

it has been a tremendously exciting time i have been having for the past weeks, and hope that it will still be. too many spontaneous moments, too many decisions to think about and too many steps to take. its hard to take one step at a time and my mind has been all over the place.

1 strike on ladyjane and 2 strikes on ladyjill. who else can cheer this qonfuzed soul. mebbe im trying too hard. i should stop. but for human like us, easier said than done.

there you go. there is the afternoon post. im just about to breakdown and cry. be strong qookie, the day will end soon enough for you to go get yourself loads of beer. qookie, the black age has come again and hopefully it wont stay for long.

tsk tsk.


the hunt for elephant poop

yes. title is as it is. i smell like elephant poop, and its not going away. =(

had a terrific outing with my friends today. yes. we went galavanting across kuala lumpur (not the entire KL though. =P) and also went to the Malacca Zoo and back to KL to finish up the race. the whole race was exciting, the adrenaline rush of speeding and trying not to crash into fellow runners who were running for a marathon (was made big on the news) and because of that, we the hunters were in a lil bit of a jam of trying to figure out the best way to get from KLCC to the KL Bird Park.

Well, good news is that we managed to get ahead of time and managed to finish the task early and be on our way to the Malacca Zoo which is about 1 hour away. The task within the Bird Park and the Malacca Zoo was not so tough, but the hardest part about the zoo was diggin through a pile of shit. Yes, i do mean it.. a pile of shit @ poop @ dung of a few elephants, trying to search for the team’s clue card. Bloody hell, it was buried way beneath all those poop and we kept on pulling out the wrong coloured ones. YIKES. We smelled bad. haha. Then it was back to Aquaria where we spent more than 1 hour before ending the race.

It has been quite a while since we did something healthy on a weekend. I mean, pure clean fun without any alco.. It feels good! Was telling that to me team mates, and it feels good to know that we were on the same page. 🙂 Team UND (pronounced as – oonduh`), I think we did a teriffic job for a first timer and its time to move on to the next best thing.. the Amazing Race. Woo hoo~


So here goes for checklist in 2008 which I have finalized.. Che Wah :

1.The Rainforest Festival

2. White Water Rafting

3. Saigon

4. Thailand

5. A trip back to Yogyakarta and Bandung

6. The Asia Amazing Race

7. Getting a good and decent job anywhere and not staying with what I have now. YUCKS.

Well, more checklist to come, but am damn lazy to update now. heheh.


what a week

it has been an exciting week.

never have i met / run into so many people who are comfortable with the person i am, and it feels rather.. good and exciting.  yes. thats right.

so many things has happened in the past two weeks and most of em involves party party party. as per below :

 last friday : F1 black paddock party > where i got a chance to take photos with steve aoki and cobra snake woo hoo! and also met a lot of new people

Steve Aoki and Cobra Snake and ME!

yesterday : wild majestic party in zouk, 4th year anniversary > again, met up with a lot of new people and also long lost friends.

today : flickr gallery party where I can just chill with people who does not have any agenda and just want to have fun. =)

tommorow : the aquaria treasure hunt which is going to start from klcc –> kl bird park –> malacca zoo and back to aquaria klcc.. phew.. its going to be really2 interesting.

i know ive been writing like boring posts lately, but seems that whenever i come home, on the laptop and login to blog, suddenly everything that i have in mind seems to dissapear and instead, would rather do some facebooking instead. heh heh.

 but out of this two weeks, what ive come to realize is that i am now capable of doing things on my own without depending on someone else, able to enjoy being myself around people who are comfortable with me and finally being happy that i have started to enjoy life a little bit more.

the downside besides all the fun that ive been receiving is that tho im feeling happy and smiley but at the same time my soul and heart is crushed to bits, trampled and skinned open. ive got to find a better way on how to manage this but well, do hope for the best. the story should not turn into another fiasco i had last year, which i am not ready to take the same road. why am i not worth anyone’s time?

theres more to the story, but i think i should go and sleep before i end up not waking up for the treasure hunt tommorow.. wish me luck!



hate the morninghate the workhate the placemore importantly, i hate what you’re doingthanks. =)geez.. the day was full of annoying lalats. 



” how would you define the feeling of being passionate?
from the eyes of someone who is into deeply about something or;
when two people do something which is extraordinary “
~ music and lyrics ~

The perfect way to describe on what Im feeling towards my job, the passion. The flame which burns the desire to push me forward in handling the challenges at my current state has sizzled. I wonder why. Where I am at right now, I could not exercise the skills which I have been equipped with and instead doing projects which is contributing to the company, I would never get the credit for but instead someone who is up there will. Sigh. T.i.r.e.d.

As much as I have applied for so many other jobs which is available on the local job portal, the choices of jobs which is being offered is definitely.. hmm. how would i put it.. not my cup of tea. So when a person say that “hey, the job market right now is pretty bad”.. what does that suppose to mean? You can see piles of jobs being offered in a week, but it is just us being choosy of what we want to do and also depends on the qualifications that we have. Oh well, so far Ive applied about.. 29 jobs? I do hope that one will hit.

 Anyways, was driving around sometime ago.. and as I was exiting the parking lot, the ticket booth girl looked so pissed of because of the driver who was before me told her :

“dik, muka je lawa.. tapi tiket tu mahal lagi” (miss, youre quite pretty, but the parking ticket is more expensive)

How crude can Malaysian’s be. Sometimes I wonder. A lot of Malaysians that I actually have come across are actually a little lacking in their ethiques, but they cant help it because the culture is already like that where nobody has a voice on how mischevious these people are acting.

Oh well, enough about that.

all i wanna do is find a way back into love~


sakit gigi

just some pics of the time where my tooth got extracted. i was stoned after the extraction process because i had 2 jabs, 2 pain killers and the dentist put some gel to make everything go numb. kelakarlah. im so glad that the thing came out already. =)


pic : perasaan takut before pulling out the tooth


pic : all the wisdom went to that tooth, so now im a bit stupid. haha.



thank god the day at the office ended. today sucks i tell you.

 im the despatch, im the call agent, im the backoffice, im the one who monitors stuff. well.. cant complain. im sure alot of other people have more work than i do.

 but one thing which i want to write down today so that i know i will always remember what that person said about me. a colleague of mine who was on her last day today and came up to me and said :

“qookie, thanks for being a good colleague and good boss. I loved working with you, and so does the whole team, your presence in this team has made everyone have a drive to work for the better. Its sad that I have to leave, but I wish you all the best and hope that you will get what you want.”

I was so touched. I thought I was a suckie boss. But for a person in the team to tell me that.. AWWWW.. well, now its gonna make me feel more complicated than ever because i wouldnt know what i want to do.. growl. gotta think gotta think..

and melantak macam orang gile before i pull out my tooth tmr..sigh.