the hectic week is finally over! woo hoo!

looking forward for a good weekend.. for me means sunday and monday.. heh heh.

well, it has been quite an exciting week for me.. lets see what is it =P :

Thursday (6th March 2008)
Event : Shine @ International Womans Day

It was an exciting night. My first time being an MC for an event. A lot of cool bands and also I had the chance to introduce my long time friend, Encik Reza Salleh. At least I know now that I can talk! muaahahha.. I want Estrella’s songs! Thanks Go for letting me having a try on doing the MC stuff. šŸ˜‰

Thursday (8th March 2008)
Activity : Vote VoteĀ VoteĀ Ā Ā Ā  Time : 830amĀ 
Event : Lucy’s and HengsĀ Matrimonial and Reception

As soon as I got to the Jetty of Pulau Sibu on last Sunday, I switched on my cell and one of the most interesting message that I received was to call Lucy. Called her back and I got offered to take photos and doing presentation for her wedding. Guest downgrade to worker.. uwaa. hahah.

But anyways, the purpose here is to have me as a backup photographer and also having a chance working with a professional photorapher, J Katz. The experience was wonderful because finally.. my photos has improved much better. Yeay! Definitely gonna buck up more and start making money out of it. :P.


pic : tea ceremony in cyberview lodge

thanks lucy and john. because of you guys i manage to start up. love love.

And in the morning.. i actually exercise my rights to vote. I actually didnt want to but it was a good thing that I went for it..


since the school was near to my house.. and my sister came and drag me to go.. so i went. It was quite exciting when I first went into the classroom and they passed me the ballots for me to cast my votes, and as soon as I got into the polling booth, I was actually fickled about who should I vote.. Should I vote for the Opposition and see whether will there be a change in the way things work..or be on the safe side and vote for the Govt.. Well as what they say.. “Undi Anda Adalah RAHSIA” muaahhahahah. Lets just see what happens.

After a few weeks, i manage to sleep in until 3 plus in the afternoon. havent had the kind of sleep for ages! cheers to the end of a hectic week!


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