politics. blergh. not my cup of tea.

the general elections was just over. and the outcome. a mixed government.

suprise surprise.

im not at all  interested in politics.. my dad was a politician and my sister is working with one. i think i would just stay on with my mom.. being an economist and far away from the world of politics.

its not that im totally not interested.. and im not supporting any form of parties. because at the end of the day, the country will still turn into a racial country and no more multi-racial. during last nights bubble tea session, the person i was with kinda refused to talk politics with me because she knows the level of interest that i would have which is “I dont give a damn about who wins” because at the end of the days, politics will always be politics and whichever parties which will be leading the state, constituency or country will end up not fulfilling entirely of what the rakyat’s is asking for.

i didnt want to write on anything about the elections because of the “interest” that i did not have, but after reading todays paper.. i think some of the moves which is done by the party members are quite.. d u m b. for example, there was actually a report under the selangor’s constituency.. where the supporters of the opposition parties was camping out of the Selangor’s Office and blocking the routes to go in to ensure that the previous government do not remove any important files from the Office. another report was to block the entrance to the Selangor’s Palace to make sure that the previous Menteri Besar does not go in to seek consent from the Sultan to be sworn in as the next Menteri Besar. thats a little extreme right? They only left and decided to not block the roads after knowing that it is impossible for the previous MB to be sworn in due to the winning of the seats. DUMB DUMB DUMB.

i was playing golf this morning and a lot of this uncle uncle was celebrating the winnings of the opposition, cheering applauding and whatever. its not that i am pro-govt but seriously dont cheer on too fast, wait till the groundwork begins. to all parties, good luck for the next 5 years. if things and promises are not fulfilled.. there will be a lot of unhappy rakyats around.


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