Pleasant friday it was.

Woke up to a beautiful day outside, singing to Beach Boys on the way to work and went off from work without going anywhere else and was actually home for the first time before 630pm. That is definitely a woohoo achievement. My mother was pleased because I’ve not been spending time at home too much. Well, I guess its time too whip this ass and stay home for a few hours. 😉 As much as I want to bitch about work, I think I shall not. The more I bitch the more hypocritical I can be and with the oppurtunities that may come, I shall wait.

Fuck, I’ve put on 1.4 kgs. Im fucking fat. Since the plan with the gang didnt work out, decided to hang out with the crazed flickr group at the Teh Tarik Place in the curve. A nice place to chill with your friends over a cup of Teh Tarik and the Roti Bakar. Good to have a dose of these people and glad that I went because the conversations which went on was nothing in pretense. Cant wait for the flickr turn 4 party this Sunday and the big KL meetup on the 29th.. WOo HoOo!

Owh Owh.. I saw Colbie Caillat.. Her songs are darn good and loved her voice despite the rain. Cant believe I was actually standing there at the concourse between Cineleisure and Curve.. just watching alone without anyone. N I C E.

Now now.. Everything in the country is a mess, dont you agree? Was just watching the news earlier and could see that the whole country is turning into a mess and Im not surprised if another riot comes up. Its like another not so nice gathering is going to come up, and parties will be against each other. How ridiculous that they wanted to abolish the DEB? That was one of the major plans which actually helped Malaysia to grow. Yeesh, I just dont get it. Amidst the parties having a “squabble”.. will the Rakyat still benefits from the promises which shall be executed? Definitely what the reps needs to do is to g.r.o.w. up.

Apart from the country being in a mess. I am in one too. There’s too many mixed emotions which is revolving around me be it work, feelings and life. “Stop running away“. I cant. Life is moving on a high pace and it would be just hard for me right now to just stop.


1 Response to “TGIF”

  1. 1 abby
    March 17, 2008 at 12:33 am

    I wore a bag that said “Thank God its Jazz”. hehe.

    always good meet-ups with klickrites, hugs and kisses, affection without pretense.

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