pain pain pain

Everybody wants life without pain. And what does it get you? Pain is there for a reason.

Have not been blogging that much lately and when I read back the past blogpost for the month, realized that I am not in the most healthiest state of mind. Isolating myself from the crowds and sharing of thoughts has become a norm and being the person I am, this is definitely not me. I am definitely in a comfortable state where I do not need to rely so much on anybody’s company and being happy just by myself. Well, some opinion would say that its normal to feel that way but well theres a lot of things which I have been keeping to myself which I do not feel the urge to tell it out because its easier to do nothing at all rather than doing something which may get you into trouble.

Am I going to end up to be in pain? This has been the longest time that I’ve been patient on waiting and I dont know how long I can wait and to know what will be the outcome may definitely kick me right in my ass. Some would say : “I told you so” Some would say : “Well, not your luck”. To think of it as the most priceless thing to me right now, should i stop? Fuck man, Im in a complex. But does it matter. You’re right MY, I am addicted to pain.

Im stuck Im stuck Im stuck. Get me out of this.


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  1. 1 Anascazi
    March 17, 2008 at 7:52 pm


    by: Willa Cather (1873-1947)

    N the tavern of my heart
    Many a one has sat before,
    Drunk red wine and sung a stave,
    And, departing, come no more.
    When the night was cold without,
    And the ravens croaked of storm,
    They have sat them at my hearth,
    Telling me my house was warm.

    As the lute and cup went round,
    They have rhymed me well in lay;–
    When the hunt was on at morn,
    Each, departing, went his way.
    On the walls, in compliment,
    Some would scrawl a verse or two,
    Some have hung a willow branch,
    Or a wreath of corn-flowers blue.

    Ah! my friend, when thou dost go,
    Leave no wreath of flowers for me;
    Not pale daffodils nor rue,
    Violets nor rosemary.
    Spill the wine upon the lamps,
    Tread the fire, and bar the door;
    So despoil the wretched place,
    None will come forevermore.

    PS: It’s time for you to move on totally, my friend. Your conscious mind has tried to move on… but as long as the unconscious still lingers in the past, you will revisit the the painful experience in your deepest recess of your soul again and again… Trying to forget or distort the reality of the past won’t solve anything. Accept the past and thous shalt be forgiven by thyself… Forgive the past and thou shalt be free from thyself…

    -Yours truly, B.

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